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Technology-driven, Compliant production, Cost-effective and efficient services, providing customers with integrated services of R&D and commerical production of new chemical entities


Material sourcing, Small-scale process transfer, Pilot scale-up, Industrialization, and Document registration and Audit services

The UNICHEMIST R&D Center was established in December 2011 and is mainly engaged in contract research and development (CRO) and contract manufacturing (CMO) of fine chemicals, APIs, pesticides, electronic materials and their intermediates. It has accumulated nearly ten years of experience in custom synthesis, process optimization and commercial production of APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates and other chemical products, and can provide customers with custom R&D and production of process routes from grams to tonnage levels.

As the company's core business, the company is composed of a number of process chemistry experts with rich experience in the field of custom synthesis, which can quickly and efficiently meet the needs of customers for product development and new compound R&D. The company is equipped with a kilogram-level pilot laboratory, which has laid a stable foundation for the process amplification and production of the products, thus ensuring the smooth progress of commercial production. At the same time, the company mobilized external resources to establish pilot manufacturing bases in Zhumadian, Henan and Anqing, Anhui, and cooperated with the factories in Zibo, Shandong and Changzhou, Jiangsu as large-scale production bases for our products.


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Commercial Production

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Halogenation Reaction

Our Henan and Anhui production bases have the qualifications for large-scale use of bromine and the conditions for distillation equipment. Halogenated hydrocarbons, halogenated alcohols, halogenated pyridines, and halogenated pyrimidines are our company's perennially produced superior products, with a total of nearly 100 items.

Hydrogenation Reaction

Our Shandong production base is equipped with 20*100-3000L high-pressure hydrogenation reactors, which can be used for pilot and commercial production of high value-added products

Grignard Reaction

Oxidation Reaction

Low Temperature Butyl Lithium Reaction

Diazotization Reaction